Living Beyond Your Days, Pt. 2 [Legacy]

Part 2 of this Leader Breakthru podcasts continues the discussion between Terry Walling and Robert Grant about finishing well and navigating the end-game.

Living Beyond Your Days, Pt. 1 [Legacy]

This Leader Breakthru podcast features Terry Walling and Robert Grant who talk about gaining a better understanding of the end-game and how a Christ-follower can finish well and far outlive their days. This is part one of a two-part podcast.

COVID-19, Pt.2 / Dan Nold

In this Second of two Leader Breakthru Interview podcasts, Terry Walling and Dan Nold discuss how God uses moments like this pandemic and the time of “lock down” to plant us deeper in Him. The result is often greater spiritual authority. Have a listen.

COVID-19, Pt. 1 / Dan Nold

The Leader Breakthru Inteview with Dan Nold (Part 1). In it Terry Walling and Dan discuss his recovering from COVID-19 virus and how God continues to use this time to do his shaping work.

A New Kind of Different-Pt.2

Join Terry Walling and Patrick Currie for the second (of 2) discussions related to responding to the Corona-virus pandemic. In this episode they begin to explore potential implications for life, leadership and ministry as we together enter into the dawn of a new age.

A New Kind of Different-Pt.1

Join Terry Walling and Patrick Currie as they begin a two-part discussion related to negotiating life during the COVID-19 virus pandemic. This episode looks at our personal response and what daily life looks like during this time of global change.

Meet Patrick! [LB Podcast]

Terry Walling and Patrick Currie co-host the Leader Podcast. Listen in as Terry interviews and introduces Patrick’s and explores his passion to coach and resource leaders.

Coaching Character

How does God shape character? And, what are the ways God is at work shaping the men and women we coach and who better seek to align with Him? Listen in as Terry Walling and Patrick Currie talk about ten ways God shapes character.